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3 Key Tools To Rent For Your Next Concrete Project

From putting in a new sidewalk to building a new patio in their backyard, many homeowners enjoy the unique challenge of tackling a concrete installation project all on their own. Of course, those who take on this job without the proper tools often find themselves with a huge mess on their hands. If you would like to learn more about what it takes to install concrete like a pro, read on. This article will outline three key tools to rent for your next concrete project.

Cement Mixer

Naturally one of the most important aspects of a concrete project is- you guessed it- the concrete itself. There are three main ways to supply yourself with the necessary concrete. The first is to mix it by hand. This method is really only recommended when tackling a low-volume concrete project. Even then, it takes a lot of muscle to ensure proper mixing when working by hand.  

For this reason, many people opt for what is known as ready-mix concrete instead. Ready-mix concrete is simply concrete that is mixed at a commercial site and then delivered to your home by a concrete truck. While this is undoubtedly convenient, ready-mix concrete has a few drawbacks. For one, it can be much more pricey than other methods.

For another thing, there can often be issues where quality control is concerned. This is amplified by the fact that, if the concrete is not delivered within a certain time frame, its chemistry will begin to change before it reaches your home. Concrete that has already begun to harden before you pour it will be much more likely to suffer from cracks and other structural problems.

To ensure low prices and fresh concrete, rent a concrete mixer instead. These appliances are relatively easy to use and will produce perfectly mixed concrete within minutes. An experienced rental company should be able to talk you through the mixing process and answer any questions you may have if you have never used a concrete mixer before.

Vibrating Screed

Once you have poured the concrete into your forms, the next step involves leveling out the surface of the concrete. Even if the concrete appears level to your eye, this is a highly necessary step. Leveling can be accomplished manually using a long 2x4 or metal straightedge. However, this method can be difficult, especially for beginners or those working alone.

You can achieve a much easier and reliable method by renting what is known as a vibrating screed. Also sometimes referred to as a power screed, this tool allows you to easily smooth and level your concrete with a minimum of effort. You will also be able to eliminate the need for multiple passes, which are usually necessary when using a manual screed.

Bull Float

While intended to deliver a level surface, the screeding process does not always ensure a completely smooth one. In fact, the surface of the concrete may still be pocked with small voids. There may also be low ridges left behind in places by the screed. While relatively minor, such imperfections will affect the texture and appearance of the hardened concrete.

A bull float allows you to make the surface as smooth as glass. This simple tool consists of a long pivoting handle and a flat rectangular sheet of metal that is drawn along the surface. Floats also help to push larger pieces of aggregate deeper down into the mixture, thus making it easier for water to bleed upward out of the surface as the concrete cures.

Rent From The Best

Without the right tools, a concrete project will struggle to live up to picture you have in your mind. Fortunately, now you have a better idea of some of the things you will need to rent. It is just as important, however, to rent from an experienced company. For more information about what it will take to succeed at your next concrete project, feel free to contact the experts at Hudson Rentals.