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5 Reasons for a Contractor to Rent Heavy Equipment

A Heavy Construction Equipment
When a contractor takes on a job, they may have every tool they need. Other times, heavy equipment is needed. Renting the equipment needed offers some benefits to the contractor and may be the best option.

1. Fulfill Temporary Needs

When a job comes up that requires a specific piece of equipment that you do not have, renting the equipment can fill the need and get the job done. If the equipment is something that you only use once or twice a year, buying it may not make sense. As long as the equipment is available when needed, renting can work. If the equipment is in high demand and hard to get, you might want to consider buying or leasing the machine if you use it regularly. 

2. Try Before You Buy

Many times, buying equipment is tough so many companies are offering similar equipment. While you can go and look at the machine at a dealer, getting real-world time in the machine can be the best way to get a feel for it. Renting a particular model or brand lets you use the controls, get a feel for how the machine reacts, and help you decide if this is a piece of equipment you want to buy or lease for your company.

3.  Eliminate Storage Issues

One major challenge with equipment is where you will store it. When you buy a machine that costs tens of thousands of dollars, you want to keep the equipment clean, safe, and out of the weather. Building a storage shed for the machine can cost a lot, and if you do not have the space for the building, you have to find another way to store the equipment when you are not using it. Renting equipment when you need it resolves that problem. 

4. Eliminate Transportation Issues

Transporting heavy equipment to the job site often requires you to have a truck and trailer that can handle the load. If you are hauling a Bobcat, you don't need a large truck and trailer. However, if you are moving larger equipment like a backhoe or wheel loader to the job, you will need the right equipment.
Along with the truck and trailer, you need a driver that is appropriately licensed to haul heavy equipment and has the experience loading it correctly. You also need insurance for a truck and trailer of this type, and so the total cost starts adding up quickly. 
Renting the backhoe or loader from an equipment rental company often includes delivery to the job site. You let them know where you need the machine and when you need it there, and the company will deliver the equipment to you and pick it up after you have completed the job. This allows you to focus on the job itself instead of the equipment details.

5. Eliminate Maintenance Costs

Maintenance on equipment is a daily task, and the costs to keep the machine running can add up fast. Renting equipment puts that cost on the rental company. If you have a breakdown, they will send someone out to deal with the repair and cover the cost. In some cases, the company may extend your rental to include the lost time if you discuss it with them, so you benefit overall by not having to worry about the repairs yourself.
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