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How Equipment Rentals Can Help You This Fall

Fall Leaves With Rake
The cooler temperatures of fall might be pretty refreshing when you've been braving the summer heat, but the fall months bring with them extra work. An equipment rental company can help you get all of your fall chores done more easily so you'll have more time to spend playing in the leaves. Read on to learn how equipment rentals can help you this fall.
Shampoo Your Carpet to Get Rid of Allergens
Many people don't just suffer from allergies during the springtime. Ragweed, mold, and dust mites can all cause allergy symptoms for people in the fall, and you and your family may need relief.
If you have carpet in your home, cleaning your carpet thoroughly can help you get rid of ragweed pollen, dust mites, and other allergens. You can rent a carpet cleaner and do the job yourself for less than hiring a carpet-cleaning crew.
Clean Up Your Yard
Even though you might not have to worry about cutting the grass anymore, yard chores are far from over during the fall. Falling limbs and piles of leaves might litter your yard. Not only can this yard debris make your yard look messy, but it can also kill your grass and cause mold to grow in the wet conditions.
An equipment rental company can make cleaning up your yard easier in a few ways. For example, you can rent a power rake to help you get rid of leaves. A rented mulcher can be used to cut leaves into tiny pieces, allowing you to create mulch that you can use in flower beds and gardens. Use a wood chipper to cut up limbs and turn them into wood chips that you can then use for landscaping.
With these tools in hand, you won't have to worry about attacking your messy yard with just a rake in hand.
Clean Off Your Roof
Your yard isn't the only thing that might get messy due to leaves, limbs, and other general lawn debris this fall. Your roof might also become covered with leaves and limbs.
Not only does this make your home less attractive, but it can cause damage to your roof. Just as wet leaves can cause mold growth on the ground, they can cause the same problem on top of your roof. Eventually, wet leaves can also become very heavy and can put more of a strain on your roof, eventually causing leaks.
Getting rid of leaves on the top of your home is easy with the help of an aerial lift, which can be rented from an equipment rental company. Then you can safely and easily get to the top of your home to remove any debris.
Put Up Spooky Decorations
If you're excited about Halloween, you might be hoping to put up spooky decorations. You may want to hang spiderwebs or ghosts from the tall trees in your yard, or you might want to decorate the outside of your home with orange lights. From fog machines to skeleton decorations, your options are practically unlimited.
No matter what type of decorations you have in mind, a rented aerial lift can help. It'll make it easy to reach the tops of your trees or the top of your home so that you can create a spooky atmosphere.
Fall should be a time of year when you can enjoy heading to the pumpkin patch or relaxing and enjoying a steaming mug full of apple cider. Getting your chores done so that you can enjoy the season is easy with the help of an equipment rental company like Hudson Rentals. Contact us to find out how our equipment can help you make your fall chores easier to tackle.