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Types of Carpet Cleaners to Rent

Despite your efforts to keep your home spotless, having dirt in your home and in your carpets, is inevitable. Fortunately, there are various carpet cleaning machines for rent to restore your home to a clean place. Here are some of the types of machines you can rent. 
Carpet Extractor
The carpet extractor is a steam cleaner that works to remove any dirt and stains through sucking them up with a vacuum. Some varieties have heating features which effectively breaking up any oil-based dirt or stains. This machine is highly effective, but leaves your carpet wet. 
Self-Contained Carpet Extractor
This alternative option works similarly to the extractor, but also comes with a brush to scrub the carpet. If you’re hoping to clean a large space, this is the machine for you. 
Bonnet Cleaning
This machine leaves you with a dry carpet faster than other machines, but does not provide a deep clean. It pulls up the dirt in your carpet fibers by using friction. 
These types of carper cleaners can improve the look of your carpet and remove any dirt or debris that is currently in your carpet. If you are hoping to clean a large industrial space, it would be advantageous to rent a self-contained carpet extractor. Call Hudson Rentals to find out more about types of carpet cleaners to rent.